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Calm Paws

Calm Paws

SKU: 284215376135191

All For Paws Calm Paws Bath Anti Anxiety Duck - Satisfy your dogs natural instinct to lick, and keep them distracted during bath time! Some dogs find bath time stressful so this bath duck was specifically designed for dogs with bathing anxiety. Now you can keep your dogs mind busy and off the activity at hand - and make the experience more pleasant for both of you! Just attach the duck to the wall with the suction cup and fill the grooves with peanut butter or another spreadable treat.


    • It makes bathing more pleasant for both dog and it's owner
    • Can also be used during car rides
    • Keep your dog distracted during bath time
    • Suction cup keeps it securely in place to various surfaces
    • Grooves can be covered with peanut butter or treat paste
    • Suctions to tiled wall, shower screen or bath
    • Textured surface for mushy treats to be spread on
    • Keeps your dog distracted and calm whilst you brush them, bath them or trim their nails

    For refunds the buyer will ship the product back to 17955, 78st NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5Z 0K3 at thier own expence.

    For any defects please contact our sales department  CargoOps will pay for shipping for any items received damaged.



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